Vietnam and Cambodia’s tank-armored forces step up cooperation

13:30 | 09/14/2017

( - Deputy-Chief-of-the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong received visiting Commander of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) Tank-Armored Corps, General Lanh Kao on September 12 in Hanoi.

Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong received the visiting delegation of RCAF Tank-Armored Corps. (photo: Nguyen Bang)

Highly appreciated the meeting of RCAF Tank-Armored Corps delegation with the VPA Tank-Armored Corps, Lieutenant General Pham Hong affirmed that Leaders of the Vietnamese Defense Ministry and General Staff always support and provide best conditions for the tank-armored forces of the VPA and RCAF. Over the past thme, the two sides had been satisfied with the outcomes of the bilateral cooperation, particularly in experience exchange to improve tactics and combat readiness of each side; and personnel training to continuously build up the tank-armored force of each army, Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong said.

For his part, General Lanh Kao expressed his belief in the outcomes of the working session and affirmed that the two tank-armored forces will continuously cooperate closely in exchanging information, training experience and personnel training.


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