Party leader stresses importance of corruption fight

14:21 | 05/06/2014

( - Corruption prevention and fighting is a very important task as it is connected to the sustainable development of the country and the regime, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has said.

“This is also an extremely difficult and complex task because corruption is a ‘congenital defect’ of power,” he stressed at a national conference on corruption prevention and combat in Hanoi on May 5.

He underscored that corruption relates to the material interests, fame and fortune of organisations and individuals, and touches those in high position.

The Party and State should work harder with more long-term and drastic measures plus higher determination and patience, according to the Party leader.

It is necessary to be cautious about the schemes of hostile forces who use the public fight against corruption to smear and sabotage the Party, State and regime, he warned.

He urged a heightening of the responsibility of Party committees at all levels and demanded improvements in leadership and morality within Party organisations in order for successes to be made in the fight.

Leaders of Party organisations must have a high political determination and regular direction in order to mobilise the combined strength of the political system and the whole of society in corruption prevention and combat, he said.

General Secretary Trong stressed the need to improve capacity and coordination among agencies responsible for corruption prevention.

“The fight against corruption is only effective once it is conducted correctly in the agencies in charge,” he said, adding that any corrupt act must be strictly punished under the law, without exceptions.

The immediate task is to handle collective and organised corruption cases, name and shame violating officials and confiscate assets gained from corruption, he stated.

The Party leader emphasised the necessity of promoting the role of elected agencies, the Fatherland Front and mass organisations in the anti-corruption fight as well as increasing the participation of the public.

“If we do not rely on people, the battle against corruption will struggle to be successful,” he admitted.

The Party chief also underscored the need to focus more on the building and completion of Party’s regulations on the prevention and combat of corruption, while continuing adjusting the legal system to better control it.

He noted that many important Party documents affirmed that combating corruption and wastefulness is an urgent and long-term task, requiring the initiative of all Party members.

“It is crucial to continue strengthening education and awareness campaigns to raise public understanding and responsibility in fighting corruption. This will create a joint determination in the whole society to combat wrongdoing,” he said.

Education is a fundamental measure to prevent moral lapses and enhance people’s integrity, he added.

General Secretary Trong also asked the media to take a more active part in the struggle against corruption by providing the public with accurate and multi-dimensional information on the results and shortcomings of the work.

He requested the Central Steering Committee on the Prevention and Control of Corruption as well as other authorised agencies to provide information related to anti-corruption to the media in a proactive and timely manner in accordance with the law.

During the event, participants pointed out that besides positive progress, anti-corruption work has also faced shortcomings and has yet to meet the requirements and expectations of people.

They emphasised the need to stick to the resolutions agreed by the Party Central Committee at past meetings.


Khai Hung (Source: VNA)

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