Grand ceremony commemorates the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory

10:48 | 05/08/2014

( - In the morning of May 7, 2014 in Dien Bien Phu city, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the National Assembly, the State President, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front and the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council, the Provincial People’s Committee of Dien Bien held a grand ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory (7/5/1954 - 7/5/2014).

The ceremony commemorates the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory. (Photo by Duc Luy)

The ceremony enjoyed presence of the Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, former Party General Secretaries Le Kha Phieu and Nong Duc Manh, State President Truong Tan Sang and former State President Tran Duc Luong, members of Politburo: Mr Le Hong Anh, Standing Secretary of Secretariat of the Central Committee;  Mr Nguyen Thien Nhan, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front; Mr Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Depute PM; Mrs Tong Thi Phong, Deputy Chairwoman of the National Assembly; General Phung Quang Thanh, Minister of National Defence; General Tran Dai Quang, Minister of Public Security; Mr Le Thanh Hai, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee.

Besides, the ceremony witnessed the attendance of Mrs Lo Mai Trinh, the Party Central Committee member, Secretary of Dien Bien Party Committee; incumbent and former leaders of the Party and the State at all levels, heroes of the armed force, heroes of labour, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, veterans, volunteers and other distinguished guests.

International guests also presented at the event including: Laotian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoly, Cambodian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An and Mexican Labour Party led by National Coordinator Alberto Anaya Gutiérrez.

Former Party General Secretary Do Muoi, former State President Le Duc Anh, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung sent flower bouquets to the ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, the Party and State leaders had laid wreaths and offered incenses paying tribute to the fallen martyrs at Dien Bien Phu cemetery.

The ceremony commenced with an art performance entitled: “Dien Bien Phu victory- the eternal epic” which was inspired by military formation movements, artillery pulling and trench digging maneuvers with the background music form songs that praise Dien Bien Phu victory, the Party and Uncle Ho.

“The command vehicle and Military Flag” Formation.

In the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony, the President Truong Tan Sang delivered a speech on behalf of the Party and State expressing the heartfelt gratitude to late President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader, the hero of national salvation and late General Vo Nguyen Giap, the first Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnam People’s Army for their roles in the triumph at Dien Bien Phu. He also offered immense thanks to soldiers, volunteers and people who sacrificed their lives for the victory at Dien Bien Phu. The President stated that the victory is an everlasting epic that extols the tradition of the nation’s glorious history, the sound leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, the aggregated strength of national unity and the determination to fight for national independence and freedom of the people and army.

Hero of the armed force, Colonel Phung Van Khau delivers his comments at the ceremony.

Engulfed by pride and emotions, representing thousands of war veterans and volunteers who served in the Dien Bien Phu campaign, former Artillery Colonel Phung Van Khau stated: “This is my honour to speak here on behalf of all soldiers and people that directly served the campaign on its 60th anniversary. We believe and wish that the youth will always take pride, memorize and promote the glorious traditions of the nation in general and the undaunted spirit of the Dien Bien Phu victory in particular into a new height. With that in mind, we hope that they will acquire new good deed in the cause of national construction and defence”.

 “Dien Bien soldiers” formation marching the stage.

In a cheerful atmosphere and loud music, formations with the participants of some 15 thousand from every stratum like: soldiers, police, militia and self defence, veterans, workers, peasants, intellectuals regardless of age, gender and ethnics paraded past the stage at the Dien Bien stadium and through streets of Dien Bien Phu city.

Heading the formations is the Emblem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The emblem was place on a flying dragon statue to demonstrate the aspiration of Vietnamese people. Escorting team of the emblem consists of 54 young women and men representing the united block of 54 brotherly ethnics. This was also a manifestation of the invincible strength built up through thousands years of national construction and defence, empowering our people to achieve Dien Bien Phu triumph and liberate the country. On developing that spirit, Vietnamese community is joining hands for the goal of prosperous people, a strong country, a democratic, fair and civilized society in line with the path chosen by the Party, uncle Ho and entire Vietnamese people.

Next formations are the Party and national flags, vehicle carrying uncle Ho’s photo, vehicle carrying Dien Bien Phu victory model, command vehicle and military flag, the services and forces. The parade had brought back the historic proud and glorious atmosphere of Dien Bien Phu victory; exposed enormous strength of national unity block and the development of the revolutionary forces through which encouraged the entire Party, entire people and entire army  to strive harder for new victories in the cause of building and protection the nation, making its valuable contribution to the movement of the people all over the world for peace, national independence and social democracy and progress.

Sixty years ago, under the brilliant leadership of the Party and uncle Ho, our army and people successfully carried out the Dien Bien Phu campaign which culminated in the total victory of the resistance war against French colonialists. Time may past but Dien Bien Phu victory will eternally remain an epic, “a resplendent golden milestone” in our national history. Upholding the spirit of the Dien Bien Phu victory, soldiers and citizens in and outside the country will work together to bring prosperity, development to the country.


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