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Air Defence - Air Force

( - The Air Defence - Air Force is a service assuming the responsibilities of both national air defence and air forces. It is the core force responsible for the control and defence of the airspace, protection of the nation’s key facilities and the people, and participates in safeguarding the Homeland’s seas and islands. The Air Defence - Air Force is able to independently perform its missions, or to take part in joint and combined operations. The service plays the role of a consultative organ for the Ministry of National Defence on matters concerning the building of the air defence of the Ground Forces and the air force of other services, arms and branches. The military air transportation, besides the task of supporting combat and combat readiness, also takes part in natural disaster relief operations and economic development activities.

Training for combat readiness.

The Air Defence - Air Force is organized into the Service Command, combat units, support units, educational institutions and production units. The Service Command has the Commander and Vice Commanders, the Commissar and the Deputy Commissar. It also consists of agencies responsible for military affairs, Party and political work, technical and logistic issues, and affiliated units. The main combat units of the service are air divisions, air defence divisions, and affiliated air units. The Air Defence - Air Force is gradually equipped with various types of modern combat aircraft, missiles, anti-aircraft artillery and other technical means, including multi-purpose fighters, long-range air defence missiles and new generation radars. The service has well performed the training task, maintained the combat readiness and control of the country’s airspace, and taken part in search and rescue and disaster relief operations.

During the liberation war, the Air Defence - Air Force, by performing its duties with excellence, defeated the two wars of sabotage of the U.S. Air Force and Navy in the North, protected the transportation of supplies from the North to the South, making worthy contribution to defending the North and liberating the South, thus achieving national reunification. By virtue of their achievements in combat operations and other tasks, both the Air Defence and Air Force have been awarded the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces.


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