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( - The Reserve, a component of the VPA, is strictly organized, disciplined and capable of fulfilling its task, ready to participate in the active force as required. The Reserve includes reserve military personnel and technical means of the national economy which have been selected and planned to readily supplement the active force of the VPA. The Reserve is organized on the basis of the same table of organization and equipment of the VPA with its components corresponding to those of the services and arms of the regular and Local Force.


The Leader of 308 Division meeting reserve forces after their finished training.

Every year, the Government assigns quotas of training, exercises and examinations of mobilization readiness for ministries, branches and localities. The Ministry of National Defence instructs, directs, inspects and urges the localities and units in their building and mobilization of the Reserve in conformity with the laws, and directly administers the training arrangement of the reserve units. The ministries, branches, and provincial people’s committees coordinate with active units of the VPA to allocate military reservists and technical equipment to reserve units based on the mobilization quotas assigned by the Government.

The reservists are selected from military personnel finishing their military service and civilians trained as regulated by the law. Annually, the reserve units are summoned for checking their mobilization readiness, with training and military exercises based on a common training programme. Reservists are selectively appointed to command posts of the reserve units and get allowances as regulated.

So far, the Reserve has become an important force contributing to the building of the all-people defence and the consolidation of the strength of the people’s war posture to meet the requirements of construction and protection of the Homeland under new circumstances.


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