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( - The Vietnam People’s Navy is the core service in protecting Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty. The Navy’s responsibility is to strictly manage and control the waters and islands in the East Sea under Vietnam’s sovereignty, to maintain security, to counter any acts of violating sovereignty, sovereign rights, jurisdiction and national interests of Vietnam at sea, to secure normal activities of Vietnam in its waters and islands in conformity with Vietnamese and international laws, to ensure maritime safety and participate in search-and-rescue operations in accordance with Vietnam’s laws and the international conventions adopted by Vietnam, to be ready for joint and combined operations to defeat any aggression from and at sea.


Ly Thai To Ship is on Receiving Ceremony.

The Navy Headquarters takes command of the entire Navy. The Headquarters has the Commander and Vice Commanders, the Commissar and the Deputy Commissar. It also consists of agencies responsible for military affairs, Party and political work, technical and logistic issues. The Navy is organized into five Naval Regions (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) and affiliated units. The main forces of the Navy are the units of surface ships, coastal artillery and land-to-sea missiles, marine, naval commando and island defence forces. The Navy has been reinforced with personnel and equipment to effectively conduct search-and-rescue operations. In the future, the Navy will be further equipped with modern weapons and enhanced combat power to be sufficiently capable of successfully accomplishing the task of protecting Vietnam’s sovereignty, sovereign rights, jurisdiction and national interests at sea.

The Navy enjoys a very glorious tradition, having achieved great feats of arms in fighting against the sabotage war launched by the U.S. Air Force and Navy in the North of Vietnam, particularly in breaking through the U.S. sea lane blockade, and in accomplishing its assigned tasks in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign. The Service has been awarded the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces.


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