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Major Production Units

( - The production units of the VPA are the leading force in combining the economy with national defence. VPA’s companies, enterprises, including many corporations and production corps, have made considerable contributions to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country, maintaining their presence in the most difficult regions for socio-economic development, thus creating strong national defence posture in the vital areas of the Homeland.

The VPA has more than 20 production corps responsible for the socio-economic development of the remote and mountainous areas, contributing to the improvement of the material and spiritual life of the people, and ensuring national defence and security in the border regions and islands. The production corps take part in the re-distribution of the inhabitants in accordance with the production planning and national long-term defence-security goals, forming groups of villages and communes in the border regions in the all-people national defence posture for the protection of the Homeland. The tasks of such production corps are to build critical infrastructures, for example, roads, electric and irrigation systems, clean water supply, schools, medical stations and markets; to carry out measures to encourage the production of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, creating basic elements for the development of the commodity economy; to assistant in hunger elimination and poverty alleviation in the areas of responsibility. In places with favourable conditions for large-scale production where local people are not able to invest in goods production by themselves (such as the Central Highlands, South-western Vietnam and North-western Vietnam), the VPA directly organizes production so as to attract the ethnic minorities as well as people from other places to come for settlement and participation in the State’s economic organizations.

In parallel with improving the material life of the people, production corps also make considerable contribution to the improvement of the cultural and spiritual life in the distant areas of the Homeland. The production corps have mobilized the people to carry out the Party’s and State’s guidelines and policies; developed television and radio broadcasting, cultural and medical systems in mountainous villages; built schools for the children of the ethnic minorities; taken part in primary education universalization and illiteracy eradication; improved conditions of medical care for the people; and preserved and developed the traditional culture of the ethnic minorities. The production corps have also helped improve and train the cadre contingent for the localities, facilitating sustainable socio-economic development in local areas.

Since their establishment, production corps have taken part in resettlement programs, built hundreds of groups of new mountainous villages, sponsored and organized the permanent agriculture and settlement for tens of thousands of households, and generated jobs for ethnic minority groups. The production corps have assisted the people to reclaim virgin lands, improve paddy fields for wet rice cultivation, contributing to the modification of backward lifestyles and cultivating customs, and built and consolidated the national defence-security posture in key local areas.


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