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Local Force

( - The Local Force is a mobile force engaging in operations mainly within its locality, and together with the militia and self-defence units, playing the core role in the people’s war at localities under the direct command of the provincial military commands (or centrally-governed cities) and the district-level military commands (or provincially-governed towns and cities). The Local Force is closely linked to a defence zone, carrying out combat operations in the general defence posture of the military region as well as the whole country in accordance with the requirements and characteristics of each area in the people’s war at the locality in combination with the people’s war of the entire country.


Practising to cross rivers using home-made equipmenst.

The organization, equipment, and disposition of the Local Force depends on the size and the importance of provinces (or centrally-governed cities) and districts (or provincially-governed towns and cities). Up to the organizational size, terrain conditions, and the socio-economic situation of each locality, the Local Force units are equipped with the amounts and types of weapons suitable for combat needs. The Local Force also has professional and technical units, as well as air-defence, artillery, reconnaissance, commando, engineering and other support units.

Nowadays, education and training for Local Force units are conducted regularly in order to raise the sense of vigilance and readiness necessary for the coordination and combination with militia and self-defence units in fighting for the protection of the local people and authorities. The Local Force also closely coordinates with the Militia and Self-Defence Force to maintain order and security within their own localities, render assistance to the Militia and Self-Defence Force in training, and contribute to the fulfilment of training task for the Reserve.


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