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Directions to Enhance the Leadership and Management in National Defence

( - Enhancing the Party’s leadership in national defence is aimed at meeting the requirements of defending the Homeland under new conditions. The Party’s organizational structure in national defence leadership is built in a unified and synchronous way from the centre to locality, notably at military region and grassroots levels. The contents of the Party leadership work in national defence are continuously supplemented. The operational mechanism and the coordination responsibilities of each level, branch, locality in activities relevant to national defence, especially in dealing with complicated situations are becoming more clearly defined and perfected.

Administrative reform, aimed at making the work of the state apparatus in national defence increasingly effective is of exceptional significance. The goal of the administrative reform is to make the system of administration and state administrative management smooth, sufficiently authoritative, competent and efficient, with three main points: the institutional reform of administrative affairs, the rectification of the apparatus, and the formation of cadres and employee contingents.

The organizational structure of the State management in national defence from the centre to localities continues to be adjusted on the basis of clearly identifying the operational mechanism, functions and tasks of agencies and cadres charged with national defence work in ministries and branches. The national defence duties of agencies, departments and branches at all levels are institutionalized by law so as to make the best of the State management power in national defence. The delegation of the State management authority in national defence between the governmental agencies and authorities of centrally-governed provinces and cities is being further studied in order to set in details.

One of the major policies and solutions to the administrative reform in national defence is to ensure the democratization of the society’s political life, the realization of the people’s mastery in safeguarding the Homeland and in fulfilling their duties and rights in national defence. Administrative procedures concerning the State management in national defence are being continually reformed along with building the contingent of pure and competent cadres responsible for national defence work.

The cadres of functional agencies should continually be guided and fostered to bring into full play their roles as consultant in organizing the building and management of national defence work. The statute of relations, coordination, and combination among agencies and branches at all levels in carrying out defence-related activities should be streamlined in order to enhance the overall strength of all forces. The system of statutory documents and the system of policies in building the all-people national defence should be studied, supplemented, and amended to match the requirements of new situations so that every citizen would be able to fulfil their obligation and rights to the national defence tasks.


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