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Where the war passed by and left with pains
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - Data from Military headquarter of Ha Tinh province, during the American war number of military martyr Ha Tinh is 28,417, 32,246 wounded solders, 51 thousands policy objects, 19,200 victims who are infected by Agent orange/dioxin, 535 Vietnam Heroic Mothers; 32,681 people were died and wounded, thousands of houses had been dismantled to pave the road for anti-muddy so that trucks and cars could went ahead to the front.
Operation Ranch Hand: The Toxic Legacy of Agent Orange
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - On Aug. 10, 1961, the United States began spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam, in a campaign called “Operation Ranch Hand.” The spraying lasted nearly 10 years and resulted in death and disability for more than 3 million Vietnamese, including the children and grandchildren of those directly exposed.
50 years of agent orange/dioxin disaster in Vietnam
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - The was has ended for 36 year. Although Vietnam has attained miraculous changes in many fields, the country remains blighted by toxins which are not only harmful to environment but also affect seriously human health, causing many potential dangerous diseases with heredity factors.
Vietnam War legacy continues to poison humans, livestock
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - The first international study of dioxin contamination, conducted late last year, has confirmed “elevated levels” of the toxin in fish and other animals at the Bien Hoa Airbase, urging an immediate halt to their consumption.
Vietnam Sustainable Ecotourism development and Appeal for solidarity with the Victims of Agent orange/Dioxin
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - The United Nations have set 2010 as the Year of Biodiversity. In October 2010, owing to the Millennium festivities of Thang Long-Hanoi, Vietnam has developed ecotourism, focused on the discovery of ecosystems but also agro-systems and rural tourism.
Young Vietnamese disabled cope in Ho Chi Minh City
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - Tran Vu Hoai Phuong, who uses crutches after having had polio as a child, says each day is a struggle to get around the city.
Scientific proves of adverse effects caused by herbicide/dioxin on humans in Vietnam
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - A basic in toxicology is "any chemicals can be toxic and nontoxic. Importance is exposure dose". That means, in the other words, any chemicals can become toxic if being used with overdose.
Phu Tho province: Alleviation of Orange pain
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - The war came and gone but it has never left, it still exists every day. Where soldiers and volunteers came home from battles it is where the Orange disaster is. The struggle after the war has rooted into each village, going on chasing and devastating so many families, so many lives. Many people have died, many others have to live with and who know how many more being born generations will have to bear this pain.
Hundreds people in “Orange village” are disabilities
15:11 | 28/06/2012
( - Ma Choai is a crowed village where are living 200 ethnic minority people. But since 1968 when the American army spreading Agent Orange/dioxin, hundreds of people living in this village have been affected and exposed with the poison causing diseases, defect and disabilities.
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