Major Academies, colleges

( - The VPA has a complete system of academies and schools to meet the demand for training officers and non-commissioned officers as well as technicians at all levels for the VPA, masters and doctorate candidates for the military, engineers and technicians for civilian areas. Those institutions also do scientific and technological research in general, and military scientific and technological research in particular.

 At present, Vietnam has 21 military academies, colleges, and 1 junior college training officers for all branches, agencies and units under the Ministry of National Defence. Organizationally, there are 6 major academies and 3 officer-training colleges directly attached to the Ministry of National Defence. The remaining academies, colleges and schools are under the management of general departments, services and arms. Military educational institutions are classified on the basis of responsibilities and tasks of training officers. The National Defence Academy is the only institution training strategic-level officers. The remaining academies train operational and tactical-level officers. The officer-training colleges train company-level command officers.

The National Defence Academy is a major State educational institution, assigned by the Government to the Ministry of National Defence for direct management. This Academy is the training and supplementary centre for Party’s and State’s high-level cadres. Its tasks include the training of operational and strategic-level officers for the VPA, the improvement of national defence knowledge for key cadres of the ministries, agencies, branches and public mass organizations at central and local levels, the training of military masters and doctorate candidates, and international cooperation with some countries in the field of training military and civilian cadres in terms of national defence.

The Ministry of National Defence also directly administers two academies training medium and high-ranking political and military officers, namely, the Academy of Politics and the Academy of Army. The Academy of Politics’ mission is to train political officers at the intermediate and advanced levels of politics. It is also entrusted with the task of managing the Institute for Military Social Sciences and Humanities by the Ministry of National Defence. The Academy of Army, which is directly under the Ministry of National Defence, is a military educational institution, responsible for training command and staff officers at regimental and divisional levels for the Ground Forces.


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