Major research institutes

( - Directly attached to the Ministry of National Defence, there are research institutes on military science, arts and technology such as the Institute for Military Strategy, the Institute for Military Science and Technology, the Institute for Military History, and the Institute for Defence International Relations…

The Institute for Military Strategy plays the role of a consultative organ for the Ministry of National Defence on issues related to national defence guidelines and policies, and the building of the armed forces, studying, analysing and forecasting potential threats to Vietnam’s national defence and security, issues of military ideology, guidelines and doctrines, the arts of war, modes of warfare, the economic-national defence issues, and proposing the directions for the organization and construction of the armed forces, the leadership and command system, and measures for safeguarding the Homeland.

Traditonal day: 11/01/1990

The Institute for Military Science and Technology is a research institution on military science-technologies that conducts research on and develops equipment and weapons for the army to meet the requirements of modern warfare, while simultaneously doing research on sciences, techniques and technologies for civilian use.

Traditional day: 12/10/1960

The Institute for Military History is the leading historical research institution of the VPA in charge of doing research on the military history of Vietnam and the world in order to draw lessons and experiences that serve the tasks of the Homeland’s construction and protection at present and in the future.

Traditonal day: 28/5/1981

The Institute for Defence International Relations is responsible for research on the world defence relations. At the same time, it plays the role of a consultative organ and organizes activities of multilateral defence foreign relations for the Ministry of National Defence.

Traditional day: 21/12/2002


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