Seven Vietnamese officers to take on U.N. peacekeeping mission

17:15 | 02/08/2023

( - On February 7 in Hanoi, the Ministry of National Defense held a ceremony to hand over the President’s decisions to seven officers who will take on United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping mission and review the term of office of the Vietnamese Working Group at the U.N. Peacekeeping Mission in the Central African Republic.

The magnitude and historical lesson of the “Ha Noi- Dien Bien Phu in the air” victory of December 1972
17:56 | 12/04/2013
(VDP) - In its strategic air blitz named Linebacker-II, the US concentrated a large military force including 193 B-52 bombers (approximately 50% of the strategic air force) 2 companies of 48 most modern swing-wing F-111A fighters, 1.077 tactical aircraft (equal to 31% of the total number of strategic aircraft) and 66 assorted warships (equal to 60% of the total number of the 7th Fleet’s warships).
Modernization of the army - A tendency after the cold war
17:49 | 12/04/2013
(VDP) - The “collapse without war” of the Soviet Union - one of the strongest military powers - makes quite a few nations feel that military force is no more significant as in a world there is no ideological confrontation between the two international political systems. However, continued wars, conflicts and increasingly fierce political and geo-economic contradictions after the dissolution of the Soviet Union have caused nations to return to traditional thinking that war with armed force is still the succession of politics. Hence here is a trend of military modernization in recent years; the driving force of military modernization after the Cold War.
Troops brace for Storm No. 10
23:53 | 09/30/2013
( - Before the arrival of Storm No. 10 (Typhoon Wutip), army units have instructed their troops to help local people and well prepare for its development.
Army unit holds command and live-fire exercise
23:52 | 09/30/2013
( - Division 302 of Military Zone 7 and Dong Nai province jointly conducted a five-day command and live-fire exercise from September 25th.
Veterans of Regiment 93 hold together
23:51 | 09/30/2013
( - 300 veterans of Regiment 93 under Division 2 of Military Zone 5, former volunteer soldiers and experts met on September 28th in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province to celebrate 35 years since they were engaged in the international mission in Cambodia (October 1st).
Border guards join hands in searching for missing people at sea
23:21 | 09/30/2013
( - Border Guards of Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Binh Thuan Provinces have been searching for 3 missing fishermen from the distressed trawler BV5002TS, owned by Vo Thi Phuong, a native in Tan An village, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.
Researchers on military history trained
23:17 | 09/30/2013
( - The Vietnam Military History Institute, in association with the Military Zone 5 Command, opened a training course for 200 officers in charge of studying military history, in Da Nang City on September 25th.
Army unit receives second-class Order
23:15 | 09/30/2013
( - Regiment 1, under Division 330 of Military Zone 9, held a ceremony to mark its 50th anniversary and receive the second-class Fatherland Protection Order, on September 23rd.
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